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Special Acknowledgement

Shane Dixon is a graphic designer in Australia who registered, designed and developed
the layout of this Victor Four Company Website assisted by his wife, Jody. Kia ora Shane & Jody.

The images and stories contained herein record a small yet significant part of New Zealand’s
involvement in the Vietnam War and New Zealand’s Military History.

This website is based largely on the Victor Four Book, ‘A Soldiers View of The Vietnam War.

Owing to printing financial restraints, not all photos that were offered for the books production
were used, so many of these are now shown here.

Additional images have been provided by V4 personnel and their families, other veterans,
individuals and organisations.

Unlike other units or sub-unit websites, where each individual’s contribution is separated
and named, these have been ‘pooled’ and put in some sort of chronological order
and categorised into the appropriate sections wherever possible.

Apart from several instances, no owners of these photos are named.
There is no ‘Joe Blogg’s collection’ or no ‘Joe Bloggs lot’.

Contributions range from 1 photo to 100 + photos.

I would therefore like to acknowledge and thank all those below who have contributed
an image or images that appear on this website. Kia ora.