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On the 18th August 1969 the entire Battalion returned to the site of Australia’s largest battle of the Vietnam War.

In heavy rain, Delta Company 6 RAR were heavily outnumbered in this historic encounter
with an estimated 2500 enemy troops 3 years before 

Three kiwis; Morrie Stanley, Willie Walker and Murray Bloomfield, all from the NZ 161 Artillery Battery accompanied the Aust Coy

providing artillery support as a forward observation team.

During the battle, the NZ 161 Artillery Battery fired hundreds of rounds from the nearby Nui Dat base.
An APC Troop was also directly involved.

Op Long Tan was a memorial service where two coys secured the area before the main body
moved by road from Nui Dat for the occasion.

The Battalion Assault Pioneer Platoon had constructed a cross which was flown in by Helo,
lowered and erected on the site.

9 original Delta Coy troops who were in the battle and returned for another TOD to Vietnam, attended the ceremony.

18 Australians were Killed in Action and 17 were Wounded in Action

The wording on the cross reads; In memory of those members of D Company and 3 Troop,
1 APC Squadron who gave their lives near this spot during the Battle of Long Tan on 18 August 1966.
Erected by 6 RAR-NZ (ANZAC) Battalion 18 August 1969.

The original cross has been substituted but the site remains a rallying point on the battle anniversary
and ANZAC Day for Australian and NZ troops.

Tactical Area of Operations (TAOR) overnight patrols were conducted by sections of 10 men from V4 in this general location.

Operation Long tan