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On the 15th October the Coy moved by road into AO Linton to secure FSPB Bruiser. 

This op was mostly conducted in the Xuyen Moc area commonly referred to as “The Long Green”,
which had the initial operation in the contrasting vegetation of typical Jungle and open fields
in the north to the mangroves and mud swamps in the south.

The Song Ha River bisected this extensive muddy terrain to the South China Sea.

V4 crossed this river in assault boats wearing full battle kit. The Australian engineers wore lifejackets.

There were numerous successful contacts and on the 19th October Barney Maui was wounded in action.

Ironically he was the lead scout to the extraction point for his own Helo winch casualty evacuation
and he may have had the distinction of being the only scout in the entire Vietnam War to do so.

He was last seen being winched upwards with all his gear and several pairs of Aussie boots that the boys had
​given him to take back to base. These were acquired as maintdem “perks” from a previous resupply helo.

The Dustoff Helo had great difficulty winching him up and aboard and the crew were trying to get him
​to jettison his equipment. No way mate!

The ensuing complaint put an end to this practice.

The Op was completed by a coy swim in the South China Sea.

On the 24th October the Coy were flown out by USA Chinook Helos.

Operation ROSS