Images courtesy of Harry Ellison


PJ and Chris Clark, Jed and Jo Rowley were the hosts for this reunion which was based at the Taradale RSA.

At the Saturday morning meeting we decided to purchase our own Memorial Flags and Memorial Photos.

There is a Vietnam Veteran’s Commemorative Walk in Seymour, Victoria, Australia and it was suggested
that we purchase 7 pavers.

As a result of the meeting, the following has been bought;

                                                            1. 8 NZ Ensigns and Poles (the 8th being an In Memoriam Flag for those who
                                                                have passed on since Vietnam). They are a smaller version of the EVSA
                                                                ones for ease of transportation).

                                                            2. Purchased wood to make a stand for the flags, poles and photos.

                                                            3. Obtained, enhanced and framed 7 Roll of Honour photos and 1 In Memoriam photo.

                                                            4. Paid for 8 pavers for the Seymour project (the 8th one is to V4). 

                                                                Photos are posted on the RTNZ Section-see Seymour, Victoria.

The afternoon event for the reunion was a bus wine tour. It should have been called a mystery tour,
because the route was a mystery to the driver. He got lost and ended up at an unknown cider place.
They finally did get to a winery with a lot of tasting and purchases.

At the evening dinner Patrick Bronte presented an outstanding book, that he alone had produced,
to Wayne Williams. The title is ‘Our Boy Jack ’and traces Jack’s early life to Vietnam.

Squirrell announced that he was now an associate member of V4.

The Sunday service was held at the Taradale Cenotaph, where Tig Lima (161 Bty) officiated.

No firm location was established for the next 2015 reunion at the meeting but after the service and at the RSA for
farewell drinks, Andy put forward the idea for Brisbane, to link up with the 6 RAR’s Association two yearly reunion.

A show of hands of those interested indicated an excellent choice. As a backup Wheels offered Whanganui.