On the 3rd Dec the Coy flew into AO Gulliver. This was to the North East of Nui Dat with a large hilly feature called Nui May Tao.
To the east approx. 2000 metres was a smaller feature, referred to as Little Mao Tao.

A new FSPB named Picton was established in closer proximity although FSPB Discovery was still operating.
Elements of V4 remained at the Horseshoe and Nui Dat so 6 RAR was defending 4 locations at that time.

Intelligence reports indicated large enemy activity and a major hospital complex in the region so all five of 6 RARs
Infantry companys were deployed.

4/52 ARVN Bn was also deployed with V4 but then withdrawn on the 14th Dec.

Our Coy was able to work with more stealth and success soon eventuated. D Coy had located a large enemy weapons
cache and on the 11th Dec V4 located part of K76A Hospital located on the south western side of the mountain.

By this time all companys were discovering enemy signs and having contacts.

On the 19th Dec, V4 found the major part of the hospital with underground operating pits and convalescing wards.
An enormous cache of medical supplies and equipment was also found. In additional V4 captured several VC
who led them to a weapons cache….only to find it guarded by another VC who immediately surrendered following an
almost comical situation where an unnamed person decided to be the lead scout then tail-end charlie after the encounter.

The complex was so big and the amount of weapons and medical supplies recovered, that engineers were brought in
to cut away the vegetation and construct a Landing Pad so a helo could land and take them out.

Christmas Day was celebrated on the feature with services being conducted in each Coy location.
The 6 RAR Bagpipes also ensured the VC that we were still in the area.

The capture of this hospital and vast amount of weapons and equipment would be a major blow to the enemy.
​Thousands of propaganda leaflets were produced and distributed by air drops shortly after the end of the Op.

The Coy was extracted by air to Nui Dat on the 28th Dec.

Operation MARSDEN