I was only 19

“I was Only 19” or sometimes called “A walk in the Light Green”.

It is performed by Singer/Songwriter, John Schumann from the Australian folk group ‘Redgum’ and released in 1983.

This 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, as shown in the video, was the same unit that NZ Companies, W2, V4 and W3 were, at various times, part of the  6 RAR/ NZ (ANZAC) Battalion.

The same day that 6 RAR Departed Townsville, Australia on the HMAS Sydney, Victor 4 landed at Vung Tau, South Vietnam on the RNZAF Hercules 7002.

The date was May 8th 1969.


The Coy was deployed in and around the Long Hais on the 15th July on a feature
below the feature Dinh Co which was an old monastery site.

American airstrikes and Harassing and Interdiction Fire (H&I) by light support armoured vehicles
added extra firepower. The 106mm RCLs from the 6 RAR Anti- Tank Platoon of Support Coy
also fired at suspected enemy routes in the Long Hais.

All Platoons conducted clearing and ambushing tasks. 1 Platoon went to a hamlet
called Hoi My, 2 Platoon to a school at Long Hai and 3 Platoon to Lo Gom ARVN
(Army of The Republic of Vietnam) outposts.

The platoons were also doing civil aid work and identity checks throughout the region.

This area had extensive enemy mines (actually they were mines lifted from an unprotected
Australian minefield). Many were located and disarmed, however one incident remains
paramount where Tai Rapana stood on one. The primary charge ignited but the
deadly secondary charge failed to explode.

2 Platoon had a very successful ambush and it was during this operation at around midnight on the 20th July
​that those who were awake with transistor radios listened to the commentary of the Moon Landing.

Murray Turnball was killed by a booby trap at Lo Gom on the 2nd August.

Olly Taukamo, Terry OKane, Tom Tuhiwai, Bill Perry, and Joe Berridge were
Wounded in Action and on the 14th August the Coy returned to Nui Dat.

Operation mundingburra