There was one last project that he needed to finish this new one involving a 16 year old school girl who is teaching English in East Timor in her school holidays. Her request was for water pumps for the locals, the collection of two 4wd. Utes’ full of pumps off farms, their rebuild at a prison, the movement of them from our house to East Timor courtesy of the NZDF and ADF with a little bit of involvement by Terry O’Neill yes that tall streak ex CS 8 at one stage.

“One for the road”.

He was contacted by Nigel Allsop an ex RNZAF dog handler and dog trainer now in Qld Police training dogs and dog handlers. Nigel is the CEO of AWAMO, Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation. He asked Pete if I could find two 4wd Utes’ that someone would donate for their Ukraine operations.

This operation involves training Veterinary students at Lviv University in Ukraine in combat first aid, also AWAMO are taking these students in the field and micro chipping and spaying dogs as the country is awash with stray dogs. Nigel has made a number of trips to the Ukraine as AWAMO has also been rescuing dogs from shelters and animals for zoos.

The expanded operation needed more vehicles hence the request for 4wds. Pete approached our NZ Consul here Chris Ellison who owns a mining company, Mineral Resources.

Within two weeks it all happened and two Toyota Hilux Diesel 4wd’s fully serviced and mechanically checked were parked at our place, sale value here around AU$80,000. Now they have to be shipped to Antwerp at a cost of $17,000 received a quote from Jae Nicholls of Toll Freight. Jae is the son of Linda & Francey Nicholls (V4 whanau).

From there, Nigel and one of his ex ADF mates will fly up and drive them across to the Ukraine, they can’t be registered but you can purchase Transplates which have a life of 21 days.

Finally, I quote his words “Putting the NZ in ANZAC”.

He was also instrumental in the idea, proposal & construction of two bus stops, Gallipoli and Nui Dat.

Stop For more details; see the RTNZ Section of this website.

In 2005 at the last AGM of the Vietnam Veterans Assn of Australia WA in general business, Kiwi Kevin Bovill (V1) asked; “What are we doing about the Australian MIA (Missing in Action) in Vietnam Pete?”

Not knowing anything about them, ‘fast ball’, he decided to name six streets after the guys.

Knowing that the ANZAC Cottage was built on in 1916, the place that took him 10 years to re build was owned and donated by Peet Ltd, a real estate company in 1916. They are still operating today so he approached them.

His request was for six streets in a new subdivision somewhere in Perth. It all fell into place they were developing a location named The Chase and would hold off on naming streets until I had finalised formalities with the Government

His next challenge was to locate the NOK. It transpired there were 39 and one being a Kiwi widow, remarried living in Napier. He found them all. Now the legality of getting them all to agree to the use of their family name and details to go on the signs.

The next step was to get them all to agree to come to Perth for the dedication in the future. The cost was around AU$45.000. The Federal Govt Dept Veterans’ Affairs with help from a friendly local politician was forthcoming. So that secured, now to pick a date which worked for the 39 NOK plus the developer, plus the VIPs’, find and book the accommodation, organise wheels, events catering media coverage etc etc.

Long story but on the 18th of August, Vietnam Veterans Day, at The Chase in Baldivis the 39 NOK were present for the dedication, to receive their own family named street sign and shed a lot of tears.

So in the photo the six signs which went up that afternoon, was taken just on dawn on the 18th of August 2006, this pile of sand was at the back of the subdivision, the photographer was and still is very creative and was waiting for sun to be in the right place and yes both my shoes were full of sand and yes that is not a NZ Flag!


​Western Australian Heritage Award

Peter Ramsay was the driving force behind New Zealand Veterans’ involvement in ANZAC Day and other commemorative events at Perth. He was, for many years the main point of contact between the RSL Western Australia (WA) and New Zealand Veterans with which he has developed a strong and enduring relationship.

He was President of the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia, WA Branch, during the period 1998 -2008 and the organisation benefitted from his sound governance and direction over that time.

When Mr Chris Ellison was appointed as New Zealand Honorary Counsel, (NZ Consul is a businessman who represents NZ in business matters), it was Pete who provided guidance and support to Chris in his new role.

His assistance in this respect was very much appreciated.

Pete took a leading role in what was essentially an Australian Military Heritage project of an historic dwelling that dates back to 1916 when the cottage was built. His ongoing support to the friends of the ANZAC Cottage is largely the reason for its ongoing success. For many years he has also organised and led the ANZAC Sunset Service which is importantly the last service to be held in Australia each ANZAC Day and it is well documented on Operation ANZAC Revamp.