waiouru 2017, 21 - 25 April

Greetings and Salutations,

Time is running out and an indication of your attendance to the above planned get together would be gratefully received.

The crew here has been busy and has planned a social gathering that I am sure you will enjoy.

Accommodation is available using single rooms at the Sergeants’ Mess, four- person rooms
in the multi-story barracks and eight-person rooms.

Park up places for your Camper are available also at the Rugby Club and the Museum.

Costings are as follows:
Registration $100 per person
Bed and Breakfast $20 per person per night
Lunch and dinner $20 per person per day
Park up for Campervans $5 per night

There has been a busy weekend organized that will include a Marae welcome, hangi, barbecue,
formal dinner, church parade, tours of the training areas and other activities.

The weekend will finish on Anzac Day with a Dawn Parade at the Museum alongside the local people
(who are looking forward to our participation), followed by a Civic Parade and farewell lunch.

So to help with the planning, would you please fill in the below form (click on red button), and return it
to the organizers at the above address or by email to victor4reunion@xtra.co.nz as soon as possible.

November 2016 Newsletter

Greetings to you all,

The Reunion Committee have been beavering away and have now got a program sorted. 
A copy follows this newsletter.

While we have 140 persons registered, (not all have paid☹), there is room for more. There is a cap on the numbers
that can be accommodated in camp so if you haven’t registered and are considering attending please register now.

There are a number of activities being planned and there will be something for any children attending
on the night of the Reunion Dinner (Saturday).

Again we say, once you have paid for your registration, accommodation and food, as previously advised,
your only cost will be for drinks.

At this point we wish you and yours a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.

Kind regards
The committee
Andy Peters
Gordon Nairn
Sony Hona
Mike Pehi
John White

February 2017


Time is rolling on at a fast clip so to help your planning we have put out  the programme for the weekend
and the instructions for your arrival and comfort while you are with us. 

Please particularly note the arrival/registration procedure. You will not be admitted to the Camp without your ID lanyard.
For the few who are arriving on Saturday, please call Gordon on 027 544 2882 on arrival to arrange
for someone to meet with you to issue your Registration Pack.

The other important thing to note is that we need any special dietary requirements to be notified as soon as possible.
We do not have menus as yet but the caterers will  do their best to accommodate any special needs.

Roll on April.
Kind regards

​​WAIOURU 2017



May 2016 Warning Order

The Reunion plans are forging ahead.

The Reunion 2017 Committee, Andy Peters, Gordon Nairn, Sony Hone, Mike Pehi,
John White, met in Waiouru recently and have come up with a realistic plan.

There was discussions with the Waiouru Camp Administrators about accommodation and meals.
​The meeting as very positive and the Community are looking forward to seeing V4 and 6RAR on ANZAC Day 2017.

The plans are for a Saturday night Formal Dinner, (medals to be worn etc.)

A formal welcome on the Army Marae

A hangi dinner, with an opportunity for all to be involved with the preparation 

The use of the heated covered pool and the gym

Local tours.

More details to be sent out later.

The one thing that was made very clear was that the Reunion Committee was to supply a Nominal Roll of all those
​attending three weeks prior and that all reunion attendees would require photo ID to gain admittance to the Camp.

This means that there will be NO late registrations so get yourself registered ASAP.

Currently there are 71 registered so come on and join the crowd, send those registration in ASAP

The Committee

Greetings to one and all.

Andy and Gordon visited Waiouru Tuesday 27th – Wednesday 28th October and received a very strong welcome
and commitment to the idea of holding our V4 Reunion in Waiouru, along with 6RAR guests, over the weekend prior
to and including Anzac Day 2017.  Therefore the reunion in 2017 is confirmed for April 21st – 25th (or 26th).
This will be held at Waiouru Military Camp with accommodation and meals at the Senior NCO’s Mess.

Briefly the plan is as follows:
Friday: Registration and mix and mingle
Saturday: Powhiri for all, Company Dinner
Sunday: Church Parade, Company Meeting, Sports, Hangi
Monday: (For those wishing to stay on) tours of the Training Area
Tuesday: ANZAC Day: Dawn Parade, Breakfast, Civic Ceremony, Farewells
Wednesday: Further farewells

Costs are approx. as follows:
Registration $100 per person
Accommodation $20 per person per night
Meals $20 per person per day
Company Dinner $20 and cash bar
Museum $5 for weekend ticket
Tours TBA
Hangi TBA
There is an option for those with campervans to park at a fee of $5 per night

Regards from
Andy & Gordon

victor 4 company reunion

​in conjunction with 6rar