Item 1 / Next Reunion
Papakura 2016, not very well received. Too early and if we are going with another Unit, is this the beginning of the end? 
If it is why not plan a gradual close down;-

2017 Burnham Camp
Parade and dinner.
That was our base before departing NZ. 

2018 Linton Camp
Parade and dinner
Our Parent Unit / 1 RNZIR

2019 Waiouru Camp
Parade and dinner
8 May 1969 V4 officially formed, when we arrived in Vietnam. We all went through Waiouru,
plus we hand over all memorabilia to the Museum after our Parade, for all to see. We will be 50 years older
​from when V4 was formed, lets handover with dignity while we have numbers and are capable.

 We will be seeking support from the Army, in the way of accommodation and use of Messes. 

Item 2 / Hosting 6 RAR
6 RAR approached us, those at the Reunion / Birthday celebration if we could host them to NZ, to which we said it could be done. The 6 RAR Association Reunions are held every 5 years (next is 2020) and they hold Unit Reunions in between. 

1. We could do it to coincide with a NZ Vietnam Veterans Association Reunion. This would mean getting the OK from the NZVVA.
​If we lobby for a Reunion in Rotorua in 2017 sweet. They will get all the tourist attractions they want.
2. V4 hosts them in Rotorua to coincide with our next Reunion, 2017. We employ a private Company to  organise it.   

Item 3 / Reconciliation Dinner
A member from 6 RAR, lives and works in Vietnam, is in the process of organising a Reconciliation Dinner with our old foes, 
members from D440, D445, 274 Regt etc. Date will be 18 Aug 2016 in Ho Chi Minh City. 

Note; Andy, Fiti, Chaz and Francis attended  the Reconciliation Dinner and the 50th Anniversary of The Battle of Long Tan.


 6 RAR Reunion / 50th  Birthday 5 – 7 June 2015, Brisbane.
A number of us had travelled to Brisbane early, to visit family, enjoy the lovely weather and do some shopping.
The mornings were brisk but the days were beautiful and warm, right throughout the stay. Right up to the
Meet and Greet the committee weren’t sure who was going to turn up. There were a few surprises

Charlie Fong                    Francis Nicholls
Zac and Bonnie Harris and family         Mike and Dawn Pehi, and family 
Sony Hona and family                 Bill and Sharon Perry
Ray Howearth and wife                Andy and Shirley Peters
Paul and Janice McKeany            Graham and Jo Rowley
Hugh Moran and friend                Squirrel Symons
Gordon and Glenys Nairn            Roy Whatarangi (W3)

The Meet and Greet, a typical catch-up affair, where we were certainly made welcome,
the Aussie’s surprised at the number of Kiwi’s there. 

Friday 5 June
Meet and Greet - Gaythorne RSL

Saturday 6 June
6 RAR Parade - Gallipoli Barracks, Enoggera

Dinner - Kedron-Wavell RSL

Sunday 7 June
Memorial Service - RAR National Memorial Walk



The 6 RAR Parade was an enactment of the Formation of the Unit. The original members of 6 RAR were formed up,
about 50 of them, and marched off. Morning tea followed. From about 1300 onwards was OTY.

The Dinner, attended by 450 people, was good, again more acknowledgements from the Aussies.
There were about 40 of us, including family, there. One of the guest speakers was Dan Keighran,
an Afghanistan vet and VC winner. 

Some of us were on time for the Memorial Service. The AGM raised some interesting items.
Our book, A Soldiers View of the Vietnam War, was on show.

 Overall the reception and hospitality was great. 6 RAR could not have been more grateful
and appreciative with for our presence.

V4 Reunion Dinner
Held at the Gaythorne RSL and attended by the guys, wives and families, 40 in total. As there were
no Aussie’s who served with the Unit, FOO party or CO (ill health), RSM (passed away), it was just us.
The meal and service was good, more interestingly so was the discussions afterwards.